Sunday, September 2, 2007

Happy 70th Birthday, Pentti Saarikoski!

Pentti Saarikoski was born 70 years ago today in Impilahti, Finland--and died just over 24 years ago, on August 24, 1983. The novel (now titled Pentinpeijaiset) comes out this month--not today, as originally planned, but at least in the same month as his birthday. Problems with the translation made us miss the big day. We'll be maybe three weeks late.

Jarmo Papinniemi will be hosting a session at the Helsinki Book Fair on debut novelists--and I won't be included. See his blog post for discussion. I will however be one of the featured authors there, and will be one of the panelists, along with Saarikoski scholar Hannu Riikonen and Saarikoski's Estonian translator Piret Saluri, on a panel devoted to his work this fall of his 70th birthday.

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